New Version of the Rules and New Scenario Seed

Version 0.2 is here!

Please check out the new version and give it a spin!

I drastically trimmed down the number of basic moves for simplicity, combining them where possible.

I made edits throughout to make the moves more readable and in some places simpler, and to explain why certain rules are the way they are, to help the reader understand how the game works.

I removed some elements that added more complexity than they were worth, like the inverted "Take a Hit" move, which is now a diceless "Suffer" move. The Mutual stat has been eliminated. "Protect or Rescue" is now a part of "Defy Danger."

Strings do more work here; they are used in lieu of the old Help move, and getting to 5 Strings on another person is now more exciting.

New Scenario Seed: Best Day of Their Lives
The Sovereigns of Queertopia have sent our heroes on a diplomatic mission to attend an important wedding in Heteronormia. This scenario uses light-hearted elements to make fun of patriarchy and help relieve tension as you explore potentially very real issues.

What's Next?

I'm going to take another pass through the playbooks to emphasize their emotional conflicts in the mechanics. Once all the mechanics are in final-ish form, I'll write some more detailed examples of how they work in play and some additional GM advice. I also have no end of Scenario Seeds I can write up for you to enjoy at your table! Please send me your feedback via the link in the rules PDF, and let me know how your games go!



Thirsty Sword Lesbians Beta v0.2.pdf 1 MB
Jul 22, 2019
TSL Playbooks BETA v0.2.pdf 855 kB
Jul 22, 2019
TSL Basic Moves Reference BETA v0.2.pdf 85 kB
Jul 22, 2019
TSL BETA Scenario Seed - Best Day of Their Lives.pdf 98 kB
Jul 22, 2019

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