Physical Edition Coming to Kickstarter Oct 13!

I'm partnering with Evil Hat Productions to print a PHYSICAL EDITION of Thirsty Sword Lesbians!

Our Kickstarter runs from Oct 13 - Nov 13 2020 at! Please spread the word far and wide and sign up to be notified at launch. I would love for those of you who have enjoyed the game to talk about your experiences and help the project succeed! We have a star-studded lineup of stretch goals and I would love to be able to fund them all, with additional art as well!

Those who purchased the game here on itch prior to December 3, 2019, will receive the final, professionally-finished PDF when it's ready at no additional cost (as well as the in-progress version being shared with kickstarter backers, which I'll upload Oct 13 for you all).

Thank you so much for your early support! Your enthusiasm has meant a lot to me and working with Evil Hat has made this game even more amazing! You are going to be blown away by how gorgeous the game is now

Watch the Gay Spaceship Games twitter @GaySpaceshipGms for more updates!

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