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Cross swords and fall in love with this tabletop roleplaying game by April Kit Walsh

UPDATE: A physical edition of Thirsty Sword Lesbians is forthcoming from Evil Hat Productions! Per my publishing arrangement, sales are paused right now, but you can participate in an open playtest. Those who purchased the game here on itch prior to December 3, 2019, will receive the final, professionally-finished PDF when it is ready at no additional cost.

Thank you so much for your early support! Your enthusiasm has meant a lot to me and I'm excited to work with my publisher to make this game even more amazing!

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A Feelings-Focused Game System

The Thirsty Sword Lesbians RPG celebrates queer love and power. The game uses a lightweight, easy-to-learn system to focus the story on your characters' feelings, angst, and relationships.  Player safety and consent are built in to the mechanics so you can dive into the messy world of flirtatious swordfighting with confidence.

Will you be a Trickster, who craves closeness but fears vulnerability? A Scoundrel, who keeps looking to the next horizon instead of honoring what she has? A Spooky Witch, friend to monsters who is seen as monstrous herself? Or something else entirely?

With nine different archetypes to choose from, you can discover and customize the Thirsty Sword Lesbian that speaks to you.

The core mechanics are an evolution of the "Powered by the Apocalypse" game engine used in RPGs like Masks, Monsterhearts, and The Watch.

Logo by Hannah Templer

Illustration by Chelsea Geter (Instagram: liquidxsin)

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TSL Game Start Checklist and Guide - Playtest v0.6.pdf 85 kB
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TSL_Basic_Moves_Reference_Playtest_v0.6.pdf 58 kB
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