Tons of new material in v0.5!

Today’s update refines the core rules based on continued play tests, and adds new tools, advice, and examples to help you learn and run the game. The Scenario Seeds have also been updated, with additional details and a new Seed called the Constellation Festival, about far-flung community members coming together and navigating their desires and social pressures. 

Please give this latest version a try and share your stories! The latest Game Start Guide should make it easier than ever to teach newcomers how to play and jump into the action.

As the text approaches a more final state, look forward to improved formatting and plans for additional art and a print edition!

Thank you for your support, for your feedback, and for getting excited about the game on social media! The easy-to-remember web address is!




Thirsty Sword Lesbians Rulebook Beta v0.5.pdf 1 MB
Nov 19, 2019
TSL Playbooks BETA v0.5.pdf 287 kB
Nov 19, 2019
TSL Basic Moves Reference BETA v0.5.pdf 67 kB
Nov 19, 2019
TSL Game Start Checklist and Guide - BETA v0.5.pdf 85 kB
Nov 19, 2019

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